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LIVE 1978 - 1979

Debut between punk and reggae

On March 22, 1978, a guitarist with some experience, a punk drummer and a singer bass player former teacher of literature, sign Their first record contract. Penniless, in the recording studio they use waste tapes and do night shifts. They play the part of a rock band in the advertising of chewing gum Wrigley: for script requirements They oxygenated Their hair inaugurating Their look.
Their names? Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland and Gordon Sumner said sting.

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LIVE 1980 - 1982

The big hit of the 80s

On August 1th 1981 John Lack launches MTV, the first television channel entirely dedicated to music. The first transmitted video is Video Killed The Radio Star. This is the year of Ghost In The Machine, the fourth album by The Police. The band tours the world playing all the hits made until then. In their career, from 1979 to 1983, the Police got five times the number one position in the UK charts.

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The Police 1983

Synchronicity Concert

Back in 1983, the Police stood at the top of the rock ‘n’ roll food chain. Five albums into their career, they were arguably the most popular band in the world, a notion reinforced by the enormous success of their 1983 record Synchronicity. “Every Breath You Take” turned into the year’s top-selling single and were it not for the Thriller juggernaut, Synchronicity might have been 1983’s biggest album as well.

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